Best Blender Review – Blendtec or Vitamix?

Among the literally hundreds of blenders available in market, there are two extraordinarily efficient blenders which are most demanded by the consumers. These are the Blendtec and the Vitamix blender. Let us have a look on a brief review on Blendtec vs Vitamix blender.

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  • Speed/horsepower

The Vitamix blender has a motor power of 2 peak horsepower and it is found to spin its blades at a varying speed range of 11 mph to 240 mph. On the other hand, the Blendtec blender spins its blades at a power of 3 peak horsepower and at a speed of about 300 mph. the motor operates at 1560 Watt. Hence from the above comparison, it is quite obvious for people to come to a conclusion that since

Blendtec has greater horsepower, it is more efficient, but in reality, Vitamix shows similar results with even less power. There is not much difference between a motor operating at 2 horsepower and a motor at 3 horsepower. The horsepower denominations are just for the product promotion purpose.

  • Warranty Period

Both the Blendtec and Vitamix come with a warranty period of about 7 years. Moreover you can extend your warranty period up to 10 years in case of Vitamix blender by buying an extended warranty card for 75 dollars. Both the blenders have proved themselves to be highly durable, long-lasting and efficient in performance.

  • Strength and reliability

Both the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are designed keeping in mind the customer’s need and satisfaction. These blenders can perform a range of kitchen activities ranging from chopping the food items to pulverizing hard frozen materials. These are highly durable, damage-resistant equipped with blades made of stainless steel and BPA-free copolyester pitchers. Vitamix and Blendtec blenders have the ability to pulverize and crush even the hard food items which include the frozen fruits, grains, nuts and even coffee beans.

  • Dimensions

Blendtec blender is found to be shorter and smaller in size as compared to the Vitamix blender. Hence it is considered to have an advantage over Vitamix blender in terms of size. Because of its smaller size, the Blendtec blender can be fitted under almost all the kitchen cabinets and hence there is no need to make extra space for the blenders. It has a height of about 15 and half inches. On the other hand, the Vitamix blender is about 20 and a half inches tall and has a 64 ounce pitcher. It becomes difficult to fit it under the cup boards and it becomes mandatory to reserve extra space for it.

Although the Blendtec blender is smaller in size, it is heavier than Vitamix blender. Vitamix blender has a weight of 10 pounds in comparison to Blendtec blender which is about 12 pounds in weight.

  • Pitchers

Blendtec blender comes with a 64 ounce pitcher. The pitcher is break resistant and is made from highly durable plastic. Blendtec also offers the option of having a 90 ounce pitcher.

On the other hand, Vitamix offers to have 3 types of pitchers which include a 32 ounce pitcher, a 48 ounce pitcher and a 64 ounce pitcher. Individual pitchers are sold separately designed for some specific purposes like the grinding of grains. The 64 ounce pitcher of Vitamix has versatile functionality and is also known as an all purpose pitcher.

The Blendtec blade comes attached with the pitcher and hence one needs to completely replace the entire blade assembly in case the pitcher needs a replacement.

  • Ease of use

The vitamix blenders comes with a switch and blade interface system and allows the user to have a manual control over the blending. The switches and dials although provide the facility to have a manual control, this system is found to be more difficult to clean as compared to the buttons provided in Blendtec blender. The Blendtec blender features a push button system and the blender is cleaned automatically and with much ease.

  • Noise & Appearance

Blendtec is known to be noisier than its counterpart i.e. vitamix blender. Moreover, Vitamix takes less time to blend as compared to Blendtec blender.

The Vitamix blender has a much stylish look and has a completely business and professional look. It usually comes with brushed stainless, platinum and white and red. On the other hand, although the Blendtec has a sleek look but has a very primitive and dull design. The Blendtec clender also comes in black, red and white color.